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We Are All Alone In This Together

by Graham Lindsey

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TOMORROW IS ANOTHER NIGHT I once loved a woman who lived in the rain And cried she’d always love me and then washed away Something’s they never quite leave your mind Tomorrow is another night The form it fades it’s all gone It used me up and let me down I’m fighting like Hell to see the light But tomorrow is another night All the people I’ve ever met My friends are strangers and strangers are my friends I’ll write you a letter in the back of my mind Tomorrow is another night And it breaks my heart to know the truth That all I’ve done is all I could do I strum some chords and I make up rhymes But tomorrow is another night God bless my mother and my father too They both have done all that they could do And waved from the window of another time Tomorrow is another night The world ain’t never what it seems And home ain’t always what you thought it would be You open your door but I can’t come inside Tomorrow is another night The sun will go down and the moon will rise Why can’t my heart just make up it’s mind I’m trying like Hell to do what’s right But tomorrow is another night I’m just going down the road to the end of the line Driving like Hell into the morning light I know what to look for but I’m so hard to find Tomorrow is another night
IF I EVER MAKE IT HOME How long how long Does this road go on How long must I wander Seen the world go round Seen good men go down Why do I even bother I am standing at the edge looking in Why oh why Do I open up my eyes When all I see is sorrow Is this all there is Is the good fight fixed Will I know better tomorrow Will I ever make it home again No one knows Where that highway goes Does it even really matter I've knocked on every door A million times or more And there's never been an answer I am running down a road that doesn't end How come how come Things are better when they're gone And strongest when they hunger How long how long Does this road go on How long must I wonder If I'll ever make it home again If I ever make it home again
Woe 06:29
WOE I locked you into a small room I brought you grief and pain I bought you wine and roses red then I did it all over again Oh mama, oh no mama, why did that beast chew off your hand Because you offered it to him you really thought he'd understand Oh Come see what I have done Oh What have I done The stars aint made of silver no and the moon aint made of gold You gotta run up to the rooftops when the balcony's been closed My lady of unending woe how do you sleep at night My lady lays down soft and slow beside me where I lay Oh Come see what I have done Whoa What have I done The cuckoo she's a pretty bird yes she warbles as she flies But ya kept it in a cage and now she's tearing out your eyes Last night I had to kill my pal a fine and healthy horse But I was just trying to keep myself warm that's why I slept inside the corpse Whoa Come see what I have done Oh no what have I done It was not me it was not you it was the plot of little dreams And these ain't the broken hearts of who we are but who we long to be By my blood and by my veins and by my bones and by my soul My wolves are all in a row a-howling at the shadows you throw upon the snow Whoa Come see what I have done Oh no what have I done
THE BIRD THAT LIVED IN A BURNING TREE Who made night so Black like coal Who made the world disappear in smoke Little bird I do not know Cold wind blow Make you weep and moan Why is this bough my home Because that's the one you chose Everybody has to choose Don't look down now You think you've seen it all Is it any wonder in a sky so small Little bird is that my fault Why so blue What are you holding onto So you've been to the edge of the world and cooed Now what are you gonna do You are only passing through
SHIT ON THE SHOVEL Do you remember the time when we walked down to the pond And I told you I'd give you anything you want Then I ran like Hell as you fired your bombs Yodelay de aye de I Round and round and round and round we go Like two snakes chasing each other inside a toilet bowl There's a crow in the barn and a worm in my wine And I got shit on my shovel oh me oh my You said I got no soul and my heart is black Well then why'd you keep asking for things you knew I didn't have Now you're trying to stab me with a spoon hoping I might laugh Yodelay de aye de I We could be together for the rest of our miserable lives Like ring around the rosy while the shrapnel flies But what's the point of anything if we can not change our minds I got shit on the shovel and you/nobody don't give a damn why My roots are all rotten and I lost my seeds Now all I can grow are these beautiful weeds Yea they starve when they're hungry and they thirst when they're dry Yodelay de aye de I I can tell you a joke or I can sing you a song Or I can show you how to make the whole world come down I got a plumb stuck on my thumb and my face in a pie And I got shit on my shovel what a good boy am I I'll pluck out your eyes if you pluck out mine With us both in the dark now who could truly decide Who done wrong and who done right Yodelay de aye de I You're opening the door but you keep crying wait Just kick that mule down off the fence and let him through the gate Hell must be for all the imbeciles that try to fool time I got shit on my shovel and we're waving goodbye And I guess it's kind of funny how we all change paths Sobbing like infants and running like rats With our hearts in a trap and our heads up our ass Yodelay de aye de I Baby if we could see the future maybe we wouldn't even try And all you do is smile when I stop and wonder why I'll be haunted by your cries for the rest of my life Yodelay de aye de I
WE ARE ALL ALONE IN THIS TOGETHER We are alone with one another It’s bone on bone we wait and wait There is a heaven we’ve never read of There is a hell we can escape We’re alone in this together There is a dream that we both tended Like a garden vines to the sky Though we may part we live forever Inside each other heart and mind We’re alone in this together
Mud 03:32
MUD Dirty rain is a-falling down on me (x2) Dirty rain is a-falling down My true love looks with eyes of brown on me The Devil he took the good from me (x2) The Devil, yes, he took the good The rain came down and there I stood A million miles where she stood from me Gotta big black horse and a .44 with me (x2) Big black horse and a .44 Nobody gonna ride no more with me Lord what have you done to me (x2) Lord what have you done Made a man outta muck and taught him none Just do unto others as others have done unto me The high sheriff looks high and low for me (x2) The high sheriff he looks high and low And the hang man has got a rope just for me Big black cloud is a-hanging over me (x2) Big black cloud is a-hanging down Now my true love lives in the clouds Blowing rain and wind down over me Sometimes I hear her call to me (x2) Yes and sometimes I hear her call But my true love she don't look at all to me The judge goes to the courthouse lawn with me (x2) Judge goes to the courthouse lawn They've dug a hole deep in the ground Right next to where my true love was buried Hey hey hey
THE GOOD LIFE Constantly blue nothing to do You're fading Parts must be played stand on the stage And fake it just fake it You're shot into space the world is a waste But who cares Everything's a lie but you still paid for the ride To nowhere you're nowhere I just want to go home I just want to go home Lord let me live Lord let me live The good life They tied you down and paraded you 'round Didn't you have fun They bribed you to stay and then and hauled you away In a big bass drum now how come Limp your way home down the middle of the road Cause you have to It's always the same it's a god damn shame That we have to but we have to Why won't time slow down I want time to slow down Lord let me live Lord let me live The good life Dive off the cliff it's gotta be better than this Or at least different Friends come and go like bad actors in a show It's all bullshit it's just bullshit Ya talk to yourself but you hear someone else And ya hate it No one can say that they feel the same way And ya love it yeah you love it I don't want to be alone I don't want to be alone Lord let me live Lord let me live The good life Constantly blue doo da dee doo
I DON’T KNOW, BABE Last night babe I had an awful dream You were gone and far away from me Though you promised you’d be back before too long I don’t know babe when you’re coming home I heard your voice today so warm and sweet You said you’d do anything to be with me But how could this be when I’m still all on my own I don’t know babe where you’re coming from I got a phone call from your family About some kind of trouble you might be in And some talk about you going broke I don’t know babe how you’re getting home I got a letter from the governor That said you’d be back by December But I know how much you like it on the road I don’t know babe if you’re coming home Well you made it out and now you’re free To see everything you want to see And go everywhere you want to go I don’t know babe why you’re coming home
Old Roger 03:16
OLD ROGER Old Roger he lives at the top of the hill He killed his wife and children Oh my god he must be crazy You'd better gather round and listen He snuck into town when the sun went down Slaughtered all the cows and chickens But he didn't kill the pigs and instead he gave them all wings And sent them off to work in jobs of high positions Old Rodger he took himself a fine young gal now And smeared her heart apart with vicious lies Now she wanders all the streets just trying to feel complete With a million idiots between her thighs Sometimes he lives in the country baby Sometimes he lives in town Sometimes you get a notion baby To jump in the river and drown Old Rodger he gave you a good reason to die now And even better one to kill for Then he marches everyone off to war he's done it a million times before And it just keeps getting easier and easier And I hear he's still in his shed writing paychecks to the dead The thunder rolls and all the coyotes howl Ain't it awfully fucking clever how he's gonna live forever With no savior except the one who cast him down
BIG DARK WORLD OF HATE AND LIES Big black crow c’mon and swoop on down I know you want to scatter all my bones around Big black dog done followed me And I’m so tired of pretending to act naturally I’ve done my best to do what’s right In a big dark world of hate and lies City gal so dark as night All she wants to do is fight Country gal so full of light She’s the only gal tonight Well if you want to get to Heaven you got to go through Hell Cause whatever you want you got to get it yourself And I got mine cause I jumped the gate No one can sit on the fence during judgement day I’ve done my best to do what’s right In a big dark world of hate and lies I’ve done good and I done bad Depending on the gal I had I’ve done wrong and I’ve done right Who’s gonna be my gal tonight I done my best not to pick a side But there come’s a time when everybody’s got to decide What you’re gonna do when the sun don’t rise Stop your crying and live your life And do your best to do what’s right In a big dark world of hate and lies
DOWN THE WRECKING LINE Well we got another mile to go Down the wrecking line Not far enough to change my luck With this heart of mine This heart of mine Why oh my only alibi Did you forget about me Stranded somewhere in between who we are And who we want to be Who do we want to be I've been down that road I've been down that road I've been down that road Everywhere I go Here's his head your lover's dead You couldn't change his mind One more crash while you were looking back It happens every time Every time I've been down that road I've been down that road I've been down that road Everywhere I go


Third full-length release from Graham Lindsey


released January 20, 2009

Graham Lindsey - vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, resonator guitar, hammer dulcimer, accordion, glockenspiel
Greg Leisz - dobro, pedal steel (tracks 6 & 8)
Graham Lathrop - pedal steel (track 2)
M.B. Gordy - drums, percussion
Mike Parsons - mandolin, fiddle
Cody Walters - upright bass
Ed Bonjokian - upright bass (track 2)
Steve Deutsch - organs, ambience, timpani, horns, bass (track 6)
Tina Lindsey - backup vocals
Chris Donahue - electric guitar
Ira Ingber - baritone guitar, high-strung guitar
Robert Irving - piano
Henry - bark

For my doppleganger. And for yours, too.

Produced by Steve Deutsch
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Steve Deutsch
Engineering Assistance by Jason Wickens
Painting by Joseph Huber
Layout & design by Joe Perreze
Recorded at Mars Recording Los Angeles, CA
Blue Roan Recording Bozeman, MT
& a cabin in the mountains of Montana

All songs written by Graham Lindsey (Graham Lindsey Music/ASCAP). All rights reserved. Copyright 2009 Graham Lindsey


all rights reserved



Graham Lindsey montana

Known for the dark, raw, stripped-down approach he takes to American roots and folk, Graham Lindsey's music has been said to fall somewhere in the middle of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and 'if Gillian Welch had a male counterpart,' while following in the traditions of Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly. But, it does so with plenty of his own punk rock sensibilities in tact.

Photo Credit: Nicole Wickens
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